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If you know me, you will know that my favourite place that I have ever travelled to is Mexico. The culture, atmosphere and food have really made it a memorable place for me. I’ve been twice and will be more than happy to go again.

The first time I went, Nick and I went as a tour group and made some friends which will last a life time. With little Spanish known to us, we explored Mexico and other parts of Central America with adventurous zeal.

The second time around was with a Mexican friend and was a lot more exhausting, as it was the end of a 6 week whirlwind trip around America and Central America. We just wanted to sleep and I am sure we weren’t as much fun, but we still managed experienced so much more than we had the first time ’round. Plus, we tried our first ever street tacos. These were sensational.

I will never forget my first bite of the taco I had outside the Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. They had added things which I would NEVER had thought of adding to tacos – mashed potatoes and pineapple for starters. We had piled on the onion and chilli concoction, as well as some sort of chilli relish, and when we looked up the street cart holders were looking at us in this ridiculously sly way. Apparently they had never seen gringo’s so keen for chilli. Well we showed them that we could handle it, and went back for more – paper plate and taco in hand, juices dripping down our forearms and mango juice held firmly under our arms.

My desire for street tacos made me explore other delicious avenues of street tacos (with aide of our special Mexican friend of course). Simpler types, with pork, onion and coriander; steak and coriander; beans, onion and cheese. All on little freshly made corn tortillas made by friendly Mexicans. My favourite though, was the first one. I keep coming back to the complexity of the assortment of flavours, they all just felt so right together. So here I share with you my take on the best Mexican tacos I have ever had.

Please note that these Mexican City tacos consisted of either a meat or beans, coriander, an onion and chilli concoction, pineapple, mashed potatoes and chilli relish. I have added extra things to primarily suit a gringo’s taste!

Mexico City inspired tacos


Lentils, cooked and seasoned with paprika, cayenne pepper, salt and pepper (add some taco seasoning if you wish!)

Meat eaters: Shredded beef or pork fits in nicely with these

1/2 cup chopped tomatoes

1/2 cup shredded lettuce

1/2 cup grated cheese

1/2 avocado, mashed with a squirt of lime juice

1/2 a bunch of finely chopped coriander

1/2 an onion finely chopped

small can of chopped pineapple

potatoes, mashed with butter and milk

corn tortillas, or hard-shelled tacos

1 chilli and 1/2 a jalapeno finely chopped and mixed together

2 limes, cut into quarters or eighths

1/2 a cup of sour cream


1. Pile on the ingredients im the tacos, squeeze them in – use your hands!

2. Squeeze some lime juice on them!

3. Eat and enjoy – don’t you dare use a fork and knife either ; ) the Mexican street cart holders would be sniggering if you did.